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Exposing Uebert Angel: Unmasking a Web of Deceit and Criminal Activities

Staff Reporter Gweru Times

In a spine-chilling exposé, the enigmatic figure Uebert Angel, a self-proclaimed prophet and government official in Zimbabwe, has been thrust into the glaring spotlight for his involvement in a labyrinth of criminal activities, as revealed by a series of posts on social media by writer and journalist Brilliant Pongo. Pongo who was at one point a publicist for Uebert Angel has for some time been exposing the criminality of Uebert Angel. Things took and interesting turn when an undercover investigation by Al Jazeera, aptly titled the ‘Gold Mafia’ further exposed the shocking shenanigans of the so-called prophet. The revelations in the Al Jazeera documentary offered a chilling glimpse into a world marked by deception, fraud, and a calculated disregard for the law. The Gold Laundering Enterprise Undercover reporters, posing as Chinese criminals seeking to launder illicit funds through Zimbabwe’s financial channels, were met with shocking assurances from Uebert Angel. With an air of confidence, Angel divulged that he unofficially holds the position of Zimbabwe’s de facto number two, wielding the president’s implicit endorsement to broker agreements on the nation’s behalf. Even more astonishing was Angel’s candid admission to having laundered millions before, although he had never ventured into the realm of billions. He boldly offered his services to launder their staggering billion-dollar fortune, assuring them that his diplomatic influence and red tape would safeguard their ill-gotten wealth. In an audacious move, Angel promised to facilitate the direct delivery of the laundered money to his own residence, a fortress where prying eyes would find no refuge. He nonchalantly guaranteed their unhindered access to Zimbabwe’s gold market, an integral component of their money laundering stratagem. A Double Identity Dilemma March 2021 cast an eerie shadow over Angel’s reputation when he was appointed Presidential Envoy and Ambassador-at-Large by President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Again led by Brilliant Pongo who has now developed a knack at exposing Uebert Angels shoddy dealings he unearthed a perplexing narrative of dual identities. Angel’s possession of two national ID cards, both featuring an identical birthdate but bearing distinct card numbers, what raised alarm bells, was that his British passport revealed an entirely different date of birth, diverging from his Zimbabwean identity. In an intriguing twist, Angel initiated proceedings to alter his name from Uebert Mudzanire to Uebert Angel Snr in March 2021. This move aligned his birthdate with that of his Zimbabwean IDs but contradicted his British passport. Curiously, scrutiny of his familial background revealed that his biological brother, Samson Mudzanire, shares a birthdate merely 40 days apart in 1972, a mystery that beckons for resolution. His other senior brother Limit Mudzanire becames a younger brother in England because he was born in 1975. Interestingly Limit is older brother in Zimbabwe but younger brother in England. The Faux Degree Fiasco The year 2008 bore witness to the unveiling of a damning list by the United States government, exposing a cadre of individuals who had illicitly acquired counterfeit degrees from a diploma mill nestled in Spokane, Washington State. Among the implicated names, the moniker Uebert Mudzanire stood prominently, accompanied by the alleged possession of a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. In a defiant stance, Angel vehemently denied any involvement in acquiring a bogus degree. This revelation pierced through the shadows, implicating not only Angel but also numerous individuals occupying sensitive roles within the United States military, government, and educational sectors. A staggering 10,000 people were unmasked for shelling out $7.3 million to procure fraudulent high school and college degrees from the Spokane-based diploma mill. The list, published by, left an indelible stain on the credibility of Uebert Angel who almost always mentions that he has two degrees in finance and never forgets to mention that he lectured at a University in Manchester. Yet another lie as it turns out. Zimbabwe’s Economic Quagmire The World Bank’s updated overview of Zimbabwe, as of March 30, 2023, reveals a nation grappling with complex challenges. While acknowledging the nation’s potential for robust economic growth and enhanced living standards, the report underscores a bleak reality. Zimbabwe’s journey towards economic stability is marred by price volatility, misallocation of resources, an extensive informal sector, low investment levels, and an acute lack of structural transformation. The nation’s economic trajectory remains turbulent, characterized by bouts of high inflation, a convoluted exchange rate regime, and crippling debt burdens that exacerbate production costs. This environment has inadvertently stifled incentives for productivity-enhancing investments, leading to the proliferation of informal economic activities. The report also pinpoints the pernicious impact of soaring and unsustainable debt levels, coupled with arrears owed to international financial institutions (IFIs), which collectively undermine Zimbabwe’s potential for growth. The Gold Mafia Unearthed Al Jazeera’s investigative series, the Gold Mafia, peels back the layers of a sinister plot. It exposes the extent to which Zimbabwe’s ruling elite, in unholy collusion with money launderers, are systematically eroding state institutions while callously profiting from the nation’s invaluable natural resources. With two riveting episodes

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