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The British and Americans are the real enemies, says “Mudha” Ncube

Staff Reporter

Former State Security Minister, Owen ‘Mudha’ Ncube says the British, Americans and local opposition parties are enemies to ZANU PF and not fellow party members, as he tried mending intra-party divisions after primary elections held recently.
He said this in Gweru recently during an inter-district party meeting where he also rallied support for President Emmerson Mnangagwa for the upcoming elections.
Addressing hundreds who had gathered at the Gweru District party offices, Ncube said as primary elections have come and gone, their is no need for divisions within the party but members should unite to defend the country’s revolution.
“We now need a united team, our enemy is the British, Americans and opposition, those are our enemies, in the party there are no enemies,” Ncube said.
His utterances come just as President Mnangagwa is on a diplomatic offensive in an effort to re-engage the international community and bridge the rift that had been created in the past two decades, especially with the two countries.
The President was also recently invited to Britain for the coronation of King Charles III, an opportunity he took to meet with different diplomats to mend relations and create opportunities of cooperation, contrary to Ncube’s utterances.
On the party, Ncube said members should look ahead and forget the primary elections.
He said the party reigns supreme, above all else, and no individual is bigger than it. “We conducted DCC elections, they are in the past; we conducted Provincial elections, they in the past; we conducted Central Committee elections, they are in the past; the President selected the Politburo, its in the past.
“You elected MPs and Councilors to represent you, its in the past.
“Those who won are the ones we support, and you who won don’t look down upon those that you beat and their followers.
“You who won, unite people in your constituencies and you, who followed those who lost, focus on the party.
“We want to address ZANU PF people not people of individuals; ZANU PF people after party processes are done come together, unite and move forward with the party.
“All our internal processes are done, what is left is to go and campaign for Cde Mnangagwa, the President, the MPs and Councilors that won so that we win resoundingly,” he said.
Ncube is the ZANU PF Provincial Secretary for Security and won the Gokwe Kana Parliamentary candidacy for the upcoming 2023 harmonised elections uncontested.
He said those who lost in the primaries should burry the hatchet and work for the party.
“What about you still holding on to the past past, no, the party says it has passed.
“Gweru must unite, those who were contesting should campaign together,” he said.
“Those who are for the revolution they will defend it by voting those who were successful in the primaries.
“Don’t say to those who voted for you don’t vote for that one because I lost, no. 
“In ZANU PF people follow the party not you who won.
“The party is supreme, people support the party not me who won, I don’t have people, people belong to the party,” said Ncube.
Ncube served as State Security Minister after being appointed by President Mnangagwa in September 2018 a position he held till he was fired in January 2022.
Through the President and Cabinet’s Chief Secretary, Dr Misheck Sibanda, Ncube was sacked by for ‘conduct inappropriate for a Minister of government.

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