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GCC to introduce performance based contracts.

By Staff reporter

Gweru City Council has introduced a performance management system for all its employees starting this year, which will see each worker having an approved work plan in line with the local authority’s new bid to improve service provision to residents.

“Council came up with the town clerk’s performance contract and head of departments contracts for 2021,” read the report. “The coming of the new year (2022) should see the performance contracts being cascaded to all levels of employees considering that the top level contracts are already in place.” Council said the Integrated Result Based Management (IRBM) was used in coming up with programme based budgeting as well as assessing the performance of workers. “IRBM has been in use in coming up with programme based budgeting and in performance assessment of our staff for promotional opportunities and probationary assessment,” the report further noted.

Government introduced IRBM to local authorities in 2008 but the system has over the years been facing implementation challenges.

Although the use of performance contracts have a potential to enhance the effectiveness of local authorities’ management systems critics argue they are not practical in unstable economic and political environments.

Meanwhile council indicated that it has adopted a number of policies and by laws to enhance its operations as well as improving service provision. The policies include the recruitment and selection policy, HIV and AIDS policy, occupational health and safety policy, promotion and transfer policy, sexual harassment, gender and vending policies among others.

Notable by laws are cemeteries by laws, community halls, arts and cultural facilities by laws, anti-litter, noise and refuse removal by laws.

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