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Gweru residents up in arms with council for leasing vehicle parking to Harare company

Gweru residents up in arms with council for leasing vehicle parking

Own Correspondent 

Gweru residents associations have vowed to fight council over its decision to engage Harare City Council private parking entity, City Park to oversee the collection of vehicle parking fees saying the move was done without consulting residents.

Gweru United Progressive Residents and Ratepayers Development Association Trust David Chikore said the local authority rushed to make the decision which was going to backfire as there was no input from ratepayers.

“Unilateral decisions will not work and definitely the decision to hire a private company would backfire,”Chikore said.

“We are going to demand answers from city fathers on how they arrived at such a decision. How are we going to benefit as a city? It’s quite unfortunate that council decided to be arrogant in arriving at such a decision.”

Gweru Residents and Ratepayers Association director Cornelia Selipiwe said it was in the best interest of residents for council to consult first before making decisions.

Selipiwe said the local authority should have addressed the loopholes in the manual system first before deciding to hire a private company.

“After all what is the arrangement with the hired company?”quizzed Selipiwe.

But mayor Josiah Makombe this week said council had already done its feasibility studies and there was no going back on the decision.

He said there was lot of corruption in the city’s parking department with council employees leaking revenue meant for service delivery.

“We cannot continue supporting corruption among our employees,”he said.

“There is no going back on this decision. It is in the best interests of the city. We are going to realise more revenue and that money would be channelled towards the rehabilitation of roads.”

Makombe said most dealers in the town particularly money changers were “paying bribe money to park the whole day in town.”

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