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Whatsapp status, “It’s Better to Die” gives away juvenile rapist

Own Correspondent 

A change in Whatsapp status, “It’s Better to Die” by a 14 year old Gweru girl after her boyfriend advised her to eat health foods since she could have fallen pregnant from the two’s alleged unprotected sexual encounters led to the lover’s arrest.

According to a police memo FN 13/2021 dated January 28, written by officer in charge ZRP Senga the accused Tafadzwa Hove (22) has since been arrested on rape charges.

The report noted that on January 4, Hove of Adelaide Park in Gweru met the juvenile who was coming from a nearby tuckshop and requested for her cellphone number.

That same evening the two started chatting on Whatsapp and Hove proposed love the girl.

Accused’s love proposal was accepted two days later and on January 8 around 1pm he invited her to his place of residence.

“Whilst inside the house accused then locked the door and the two lay on the bed,”read the memo.

“Accused then told informant (the girl) that he wanted her to be his wife but informant told him that she was still young to be married to anyone.”

Hove, according to the memo Hove went on to caress the girl before allegedly forcing himself on her and had unprotected sex with her twice.

The girl left and did not tell anyone what had happened.

On January 9, the teenager got information that her new boyfriend was allegedly married. She got in touch with him on the phone over the issue.

The following day the girl decided to meet accused on her way to Cabs Houses Senga where her aunt had sent her to collect a parcel.

Again accused went with complainant to his house where he allegedly forced himself on her twice. She did not tell anyone about the incident.

A few days later Hove encouraged the juvenile to eat healthy foods since she could have fallen pregnant with his child.

“Informant got terrified after hearing what accused had told her and changed her Whatsapp status to,  It’s Better to Die,”the memo read.

The girl’s new Whatsapp status drew the attention of family members who became inquisitive and that is when she narrated what had happened to her brother in law in Masvingo.

The brother in law phoned the girl’s aunt whom she lives with and advised her to make a police report leading to Hove’s arrest.

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