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Gweru woman left destitute by floods

Gweru – A woman who is not only 28 years old but is pregnant and has five children is homeless after the current heavy rains left her dwellings in Montrose, Gweru inhabitable.

Tecla Majangara’s is a heart rending story. She lost all property and food and walked out with nothing after Gweru River overflowed into her two-roomed apartment.

Majangara and her children have no clothes except that which they were wearing on the day. They also have no blankets.

Gweru City Council established a temporary shelter for Majangara and nine other women at Mtapa Hall. The families are stashed in a corner of the hall. The women are staying there with their 16 children and 10 men.

The victims are living from handouts from NGO

The situation is bad for Majangara. She is a young mother with five children, she is pregnant but her live-in boyfriend who is the bread winner is rarely present. The boyfriend whom she has one child with (the other children have different fathers) became elusive after their property was destroyed by the rains.

“There were heavy rains from 9am on Monday and this went on for the whole day. At 4pm we heard a big bang, l think that is when the bridge which connects Gweru and Lower Gweru collapsed and water overflowed into our homes.

“Suddenly the water level outside the house was up to my waist. I helped the kids out and went to a high ground and everything was left in the house.

“I have never seen anything like that. Water gushed into the house through any slight openings in the walls. It was terrifying (mvura yaiita kusinira kumadziro eimba sezvoita minyatso yemombe ichibuda mukaka),” said Majangara.

“The affected families were evacuated by council vehicles at 8pm the same day.

“Life at Mtapa is difficult with the children. The future holds no hope for me as I have lost all my property. My husband who is a gold panner shows no more interest in me. I have a one-year-old kid and I mistakenly got pregnant,” said Majangara.

Those who can help Majangara can contact her at Mtapa Hall.

Ward 8 councillor Godfree Giwa said that a lot of assistance is required.”These people require a lot of help,” said Giwa

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