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Zimbabwean President goes AWOL country as is besieged by pandemic

Kenneth Nyoka.

Many bewildered Zimbabweans have begun to ask where their President is as the impoverished Southern African country is is gripped by a virulent strain of the SARS Covid 19 pandemic which threatens to run amok. Officially the President is on his traditional New Year Holiday, a habit which he copies from his predecessor and mentor the late Robert Mugabe. Although he has tried very much to convince people that he is his own man, he is proving day in day out that he is a poor and unsophisticated mimic of the late tyrant.

In his absence the country seems to be drifting along like a rudderless ship.The pandemic is wreaking havoc and his Deputy and Minister of Health comes up with knee jerk and ad hoc measures without regard how they affect the general citizenry. Chiwenga’s directives are straight from an army manual giving credence to the narrative that it is actually the army in charge in Zimbabwe anyway and Mnangagwa is just a lame duck figure head President. This view is reinforced by the crackdown in his absence against anyone perceived to be speaking against the army led Zanupf government.The last three days alone has seen the arrest of outspoken journalist Hopewell Chin’ono, outspoken St Marys MDCA legislator Job Sikhala and MCA Spokesperson Fadzai Mahere in what many see as a final onslaught on the Chamisa led outfit. Meanwhile the ousted MDCA allied Harare Mayor continues to languish in prison and is said to be in ill health as the state captured courts continue to drag their feet.

In one sad episode villagers in flooded Chiredzi North continue to survive in atrocious conditions without any help forthcoming from Central Goverment and have decided to take the matter into their own hands and are seen wading into the raging Mtirikwi using rudimentary equipment to try and locate their marooned relatives risking further loss of lives.

Citizens have voiced their concerns that with so many crises the President should cut short his leave and return to office fortwith.However whether he is there or not in his office does not seem to make any difference.He is just as ineffective.

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