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Elephants wreak havoc in Zvishavane

Own Correspondent 

People living in Masocha village in Zvishavane have expressed concern over marauding elephants damaging crops in the drought prone area.

A villager, Beatrice Mutore said besides destroying crops, villagers feared the human-wildlife conflict could turn fatal since the jumbos are known to trample people to death.

“The elephants are extensively destroying our fields and we are concerned that this farming season out yields would be greatly affected, “she said.

“We also fear for our lives and in particular the lives of our children as they are more vulnerable to these animals. Our plea is for the parks people to move swiftly in controlling these jumbos that have invaded our area.”

Another villager, Tungamirirai Mugoni said the elephants had destroyed crops from his small piece of land he had out under irrigation.

“I have a piece of land l had planted maize and the crops have been destroyed,”he said.

“It’s quite a loss because l had put the field under irrigation from a well l drilled at my homestead.”

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority spokesperson, Tinashe Farawo was not available for comment.

But Zimparks reports show that from January to date more than 50 people have been killed by wild animals.

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