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Zuva Habane reveals how she was abused as a teenager

Gweru:Social media personality and former model Zuva Habane has opened up about the abuse that she suffered as a teen following her success becoming miss Gweru when she was 17. Habane was peaking in a live video on Facebook.

I was a simple girl from Mkoba 15 with a high appetite for the lavish lifestyle. I was Miss Gweru at a young age (17). I was very naïve, and this made me vulnerable to rich men and I fell for the trap.

I got hooked up to this other old man who practically became my new ‘boyfriend’ who did not use any protection during sex and wanted me to have a baby with him.

…Love became sour when he began demanding a baby from me and he made me run away from home to stay with him at his farmhouse far away from my family and his wife as well. I agreed and thought it was romantic but little did I know it wasn’t what it seemed to be.

As soon as I moved in with him he gave me so much pressure to fall pregnant but I did not want. When I told him I couldn’t have a baby with him he began locking me up in the house as he went out.”

After she had rebuffed his efforts to have a baby, the unhappy blesser started taunting her by bringing girls who were the same age as her and having se_x with them in the same house.

He locked me up and went out in search of other young girls, as young as I was, but didn’t allow me to go home because he was scared I would report him to the police. He began bringing the girls to the same house where I stayed and had sex with them while I was in the other rooms. He did all this to get back at me.

[Zuva said that she finally escaped after she convinced the sugar daddy that she was going to toe the line and begged him to be allowed to go shopping the Gweru central business district.]

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