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Gossip Corner-Masvingo pastor pays $16000 to have sex tape concealed

Hoth told you, he is always telling you and he will continue to tell you. One cannot be a pastor and be flashy at the same time. It’s dangerous!
If you see a flashy pastor, priest, prophet or whatever name you call them, be sure you have come across a demon. Ehe, dhimoni!
The Bible says very clearly mubhuku raMateo that it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to see the door of heaven. Ehezve kana imivo veGory Temple Ministries pafungeivo!
So there is this Pastor who has taken Masvingo by storm. Short; very short, light in complexion and faking simplicity. Very sly and cunning man of the cloth kkkkk kamuninina kaJudas Iscariot chaiko! Oh yes he stays in this flashy suburb, oh yes as you leave Masvingo towards Harare.
Hoth is talking about this Pastor whose picture is on every Masvingo woman’s profile photo! Pamawhatasapp zve! Kkk kuisa mhombwe paprofile. Nhaka zvangu chipadya mwongo!
If you see a Masvingo woman without this prophet’s picture know that the woman is not a prayer warrior! Chasura!
Mukadzi wako kana asina picture ya Reverend Hlangi ziva kuti haanamate. Oh yes that’s what they are saying these days. KwaPastor Hlangi kwega ndiko kunonamatwa. Ko inini ndakatowana basa paUniversity apa nokuda kwa Pastor Hlangi kkkkk nhaka zvangu nemagetsi.
Hoth has been closely watching the Pastor! Asi Hlangi ka! Ko why do people not see that you are a commercial crook draped in a priest’s robe? Otherwise how would a man of God skid with flashy cars in the city center, vanhu vachitounganira Pastor paOk pano chaipo apa wena. Why does your demon make people blind?
And by the way Hlangi’s wife, Rev S is the CEO at Gory Temple. Kanozvida wena. Kusanyara kuzvida nemari dzevanotambura! But chakabatana wena.    Kkk short base!
So last week things started to happen. The deaf heard, the blind saw and the sense of smell returned to many. Zvinhu zvakavigwa zvakawadzuka kunge munhu ane Cholera. Oh yes with all the penchant smell?
It emerged that when Rev Hlangi stands on the pulpit, he will be busy sampling young girls for deflowering. Kkk this is this Pastor’s specialisation; deflowering innocent girls. Ehezve madhimoni ake anoda vana vadiki?
But that’s not what the Lord meant when he said regai vana vadiki vauye kwandiri. You misinterpreted the scriptures Pastor Hlangi!
Last week, this little boy, call him Look and Listen (kkk Honai, Tarisai veduwe pwaa) who was eyeing this Gory Temple girl for marriage was shocked to his wits ends. He bumped into a sex tape between the girl and Pastor Hlangi. So you think it’s a lie? It’s true, ndinopika kutorevesa kudai.
The man of cloth broke the girl’s virginity. Kupika naZebedia ari mumanhandu! Zvokwadi kupika naNhamo mwana waMuungani he did it! Inhema here Rev kuti ndimi makayeyoyo?
The boy, young as he is could not contain it. Straightaway he rang the Pastor. By the way the boy also goes to the Gory Church. What have you done to Peshenzi my girl?  Aaa eee ummm, haaa haaa no answer.
Peshenzi is a Jekian; I mean she lives in Rujeko.
Hlangi sweated like a man who has been preaching for 5 hours.  A-a-a-aa wiiiiill gi—ve you $10 000. Nekuoma kwezvinhu the boy only received $3 000. Sex tape yacho mahwani, chapwititi. Panovhurwa mugwagwa hapasi pokutamba napo vakomana!
Ine munhu kuMangwandi!
Sex tape iyi yakaramba ichingodya Look and Listen moyo. Yes I mean the boy thinned until he phoned Peshenzi’s father; rimwe gumaguma zvaro rine restaurant Mutown umu. Asi Jerifanos ka! Usadaro. Jerifanos demanded $20 000 straight and he got $13 500 and as Hoth speaks Jerifanos is in SA where he has gone to buy a car!
Oh yes with church money! Mari dzemarema.
Waita mari wena Jerifanos! Idya mari yemarema mwana wamai. Go on Jerifanos, demand more. The congregation will pour more.
Jerifanos’ daughter was deflowered inside one of those latest cars. The girl was made to drink altar wine and she saw heaven. Wegona Chitova!
Kkkk by the way Hlangi is changing cars like pampers. Akangoti gare gare….. kkkkkk Chati bwege! He has an Audi (latest); kkkk an S class (latest) and a BMW also latest, baba angu Gudo! It is inside one of these cars that the Glory Act happened!
Why not Hlangi? Change them, change those cars. Why not when your church is full of top sex workers and top thugs? Oh yes why not when fools are prepared to starve themselves to death for your leisure. Get deeper brother; Get deeper into their pockets and wherever else pwaati asi Hoth.
 Ehezve this is the Church where this Chivi land baron and MP’s girlfriend Sharo goes, yes ndokwagunoenda guSharo gwacho yes this spare parts girl; ko this other convicted  estate dealer Shitore who was at Mutimurefu for 11 months? Ko this girl who is into wedding gowns ehezve at chidziva chevakadzi (pool of the girls with green benz) kkkk ko mai vaye vepabhawa redu remutown ehezve close to Juniro Driving ehezve Mai Mude…kkkk but the hubby is Catholic; ko Mai Deputy Mayor, aaa musadaro zve imi. Ko chimukedha ichi, the girlfriend of Mr Whole Day oh yes Kuswererazve, muswere wese, I mean this girl called Seriya; and Gogo Medicine who runs this restaurant near Civic Center oh yes the restraurant is called Madora, ko this woman with the first name What did you want ehezve ko imi Muchidei, kana kuti Maimbiodei? They all go to this church
These are the people who are buying the state of art cars for the man of the Cloth kkkkk ndivo vanoita kuti mukuru awonekera pavana.
Ko ma ushers muri sei-sei; ndoreva imizve vana Sister Caro, Sister Debora, Sister Rejoice mese zvenyu?
By the way Pastor Hlangi broke from an international church based in Blues! Oh yes he left after he realised that he was a better conmen than the other pastors. So he wanted an organisation where he is the sole conmen kkk sorry, the sole trader! Kkkkk Chanhuwa!
His church was the first to introduce swipe machine for tithes.
Once upon a time a top cop held a workshop at the church. Oh yes the cop has since run into exile over diamonds scandal.
By the way as the scandal exploded, Rev Hlangi has run away to Harare.
Muri sei sei Rev. Inga paya Hoth told you kuti tichasangana. Nhasi tasangana!
Pamberi neNew Dispensation! It’s all about fooling each other.
(Source:Masvingo Mirror)

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