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Zimbabweans rally behind Chamisa after Concourt ruling

There was an outpouring of sympathy for opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa following the Constitutional Court ruling which dismissed his application to have President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory set aside.

Responding to Nelson Chamisa’s tweet about his petition dismissal, a number of people expressed disappointment over the Con Court ruling with some volunteering to donate towards the costs.

Below is Nelson Chamisa’s tweet and the reactions.

“President we are together in this. Takanzi hatina mari yecampaign mukamiramira zvikaita. I am ready, like others to contribute towards the court bill. Stay strong President,”said @THsimbi.

“‏We are ready to contribute towards all the court cost @nelsonchamisa. We are in this together a Great Zimbabwe a Great nation a Great people,”said @ FreeZimbabwe.

” You’re my friend, my hero, my brother and my president. We live to fight another day and stand up to these bullies. Great Zimbabwe will be born,” said @Gilbert.Navonika.

Lil M2axier said “‏My President i sympathize with you because pity is only but for the one who fails dismally to give a try… Don’t give up on us for it is only you whom we are pinning our faith on to deliver us to Canaan.  God bless you @nelsonchamisa and God bless #Zimbabwe. So much thank you!”

“Ready to contribute to ConCourt Bill n your parallel inauguration when EDi holds his. You had 2m votes each as peZEC fabricated numbers. Let’s all go the inauguration venue to make resounding cheers when you enter the stadium. Munhu wese maoko mudengaaaaa 🖐🏾🖐🏾🖐🏾,” said Evang Mangwende‏.

” Thank you Mr. President Sir for helping us to dream BIG. We know those dreams will be a reality under your leadership. Mega blessings Sir!,”said Partson Dzamara.

Sammy Thuku said Shake hands with Ed.  Work together like how Raila and Uhuru worked in Kenya . Zimbabwe is greater than both of you. Zim requires economic and political overhaul but that’s is possible when their is conducive political event.  Wishing you and zims all the best… Handshake!!

” Kusvika Canaan is not a walk on the path, Pharaoh will kill and manipulate for us to remain slaves but Mwari haatengwe nemari, tosvika chete by grace. Love you Nelson for making us dream” said‏ @MufaroMlambo.

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