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Mnangagwa lacks legitimacy and we disagree with Concourt decision:Chamisa

By The Editor

MDC Alliance leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa has just given a press conference at Harvest House, on the decision made by the Constitutional Court to award the recent election to his rival Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Chamisa stated that he respects the decision of the court but does not agree with it. He stated that as an officer of the court he cannot be seen to be disparaging the same. He however indicated that he and his party vehemently disagree on decision that the court arrived at. He then went on to enumerate a litany of the same issues given by his legal counsel during the court hearing.

Chamisa pointed out a few issues which he said needed to be addressed going forward. He indicated that Mnangagwa lacks legitimacy as he did not win a free and fair election and that until this  flaw is cured the country will not move forward..Chamisa however did not offer a suggestion as to how this can be done. Was he calling for another election or for Mnangagwa to immediately resign and hand over power to him?

Chamisa also indicated that there needs to be fundamental reforms particularly in respect of ZEC which he alleged is run by incompetent and unprofessional individuals starting with the chairperson.

Finally Chamisa touched on the issue of the role of the military in the running of elections and stated that this also needs to be looked at.

However the press conference did not seem to proffer an immediate,concise and clear way forward for the hordes of his young restful supporters. For the time being it appears the opposition leader has accepted that other than pushing for reforms there will be no any other recourse till the next election in 5 years time.

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