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UZ students pleased with Nyagura suspension

The UZ students said Nyagura’s suspension was a victory for them as they for long fought for his removal for tarnishing the name of the university.

“This demand came not as an instrument of hate but as a tool to build the spirit of constitutionalism and the rule of law since Nyagura jumped above the law and donated a PHD to Grace Mugabe.

“We say to president Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, we note and appreciate this decision but we unequivocally remain clear, we stand where we stood and stood where we stand in terms of our undying passion and determination to have the subsequent withdrawal of the fake degree that was given to Grace Mugabe by Prof Levi Nyagura,” said Tressure Basopo who is a member of the university’s Students Representative Council (SRC).

He added that Nyagura would not be missed by the students’ community for his undemocratic behaviour.

“The suspension of Nyagura is good answer to the long ignored call from the students, he was a barricade to the practice of democratic practices i state tertiary institutions, we will never miss him and we wish him gone for good, Thanks to the progressive elements in Mnangagwa administration on this one, for answering to this long overdue demand,” added Basopo.

Another UZ Economics student, Ngoni Ben said under Nyagura the institution was in a mess with hostels last being renovated a long time ago.

“I think the University had for some time been under a great deal of miss management, with hostels last being renovated years ago.

A hostel had its dining hall being shut more than 5 years ago and has not seen any repairs done, students had to share dining halls leading to crowding and the suspension of Nyagura can be a good thing for the university,” said Ben.

Nyagura was suspended pending the finalisation of his case before the courts. He is being accused of abuse of office after he awarded a PHD to former first lady Grace Mugabe

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