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Bitter,old Mugabe must be encouraged to move on, EU

European Union (EU) head of delegation for Zimbabwe, Ambassador Philippe Van Damme has called for Zimbabweans to allow former president Robert Mugabe to prepare for his final departure in an environment where he can come to peace with himself in his final years. Van Damme, who described Mugabe as a bitter old man, also called for people with political agendas not to abuse Mugabe. Speaking during a discussion forum at the Harare press club on Wednesday, Van Damme said,

You know with some of these old men, it is difficult to quit and this old man seems to be a bitter old man now for the way he was forced to leave power. So, I think that way should be found to let him go in a dignified way, now he has to prepare his physical departure.

I think we need to give him, encourage him to prepare for his final departure and try to protect him against those who try to manipulate him because. He has given something to this country, whether we like it or not and the way things have been revolving around him in the last 9 months, it’s quite painful for him.

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